Why choose us?

The courses contained on this site are intended to be taught from beginning to end; a process that will take you from novice to mastery. However, our plethora of video clips, written guides, practice questions and solutions, even audiobooks, can either be used to enrich your learning as you follow the course, or simply enjoyed as a one-off to complement your academic or independent studies. Our relationship with our customers is extremely important to us. As a result, we felt that the addition of the consultancy service would help customers to feel supported and reassured that assistance is only a phone call away. Our ultimate aim is for our clients to use our site for all of their web programming needs, and we are currently expanding our catalogue to include learning material for additional coding languages.

Our products and services are suitable for:

  • Individuals that have an innate interest in coding and are driven to learn HTML out of personal interest.
  • Business owners that would like to expand their skills or the skills possessed by their employees to reduce outsourcing web development projects.
  • Website owners seeking to grow their skills in order to improve the quality of their current websites
  • Those that need help and support from one of our experts for specific development projects