Privacy Policy

1. User Consent

Any personal data divulged to the company will be controlled by the company. In no instance will customer data be shared with third parties unless the customer’s consent is first obtained. Data handled by will be done so in line with this Privacy Policy.

When a customer enters the site, creates an account or makes a purchase, they agree for their internet browsing statistics and personal data to be recorded and retained by the company. Where possible, the data will be anonymised. Customers reserve the right to remove their data from our records at any time.

2. URL Ownership

The URL is owned by Rabian Enterprises FZ-LLC with a registered office address in the Compass Building, Al Shohada Road, AL Hamra Industrial Zone-FZ, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. is the owner of all rights to this domain.

3. Data collection avenues

This section aims to inform about all possible means by which your data will be collected as you browse and interact with our site. It is important that the customer is aware that data is collected, but we will always ask for consent before doing so. The company will not collect data that is not common practice to collect. Below is a list of instances where data about you may be collected and stored on our servers:

- Creating an account. When an account is created, we request the following information

– first name, surname, date of birth, email address and telephone number.

- Making a transaction. When the user purchases a product from us, we request the user’s billing information and billing address. The company keeps records regarding transactions, these include order details, order numbers, discount vouchers, any feedback given, preferences, subscription to our update emails and newsletters.

- Browsing our site. When you enter our site, we collect data related to your browsing habits, for example, the device you are using and its operating system, the browser type and version, browser plugins and any information stored in cookies on the hard drive. Your usage data will also be recorded, however, this is solely for our benefit so that we can monitor how users are using our site, this data will be anonymised.

- Data received from third parties. Some third parties have permission to disclose information about customers, on occasion we will receive information about you from external websites, e.g. credit agencies.

4. The reasons we collect and retain your data

We collect your data via the variety of methods outlined in section 3 of this policy. We process the data that you make available to us for the reasons listed below. We only process your data when we have your consent; when we are performing duties set out in a contract that we are bound by; when we have a legal obligation to do so and/or we have legitimate interests such as to improve the services we provide for our customers. Below are the ways in which your data will be used once it has been collected:

- To help you make full use of our services. Your data will be used to set up your account and allow us to process your payment and answer any enquiries via our contact form. We will send your products and purchase receipts digitally to the email address you provide. Your account number is linked to your email address which enables us to identify you and view your important account information.

- To notify you of any significant news relating to our company or important changes to our services, terms & conditions or privacy policy.

- To improve our website for yourself and future customers. Data analytics are collected used to determine whether our site is effective and identify ways that it could be more improved.

- To help monitor for fraud and security issues, we check our user’s browser data for any potential threats in order to protect ourselves, our user’s rights and intellectual property.

5. Knowing your rights

You have a right to access and/ or receive a copy of all the data we hold about you under current legislation, if you are not convinced that we have a legitimate reason for holding all of this data then you are entitled to ask for it to be removed from our database. You also have the right to alter this information if an element of it is incorrect, has changed or you would rather not share it with us. You have the right to delete your profile with us at any time.

6. Cookie Policy

Cookies are small chunks of text sent to your browser when you visit a site, they assist us with offering you a tailored browsing experience. Where they are used, they are downloaded to your computer and stored on your hard drive. We only use cookies for legitimate reasons and are transparent with you about when and how they are used. You can request more information about this at any time via our customer support form. We will be happy to provide you with more information.

We are not responsible for cookies downloaded to your hard drive as a result of you clicking on a third-party advert.

Customers have the right to opt-out of using cookies, this can easily be done by changing your browser settings.

7. Security and Fraud

The company will take responsibility for the reasonable precautions required for preventing the loss or misuse of our customer’s personal data that we hold on our password and firewall-protected, high-security servers. We understand that by creating an account with us, you are disclosing your personal information which, if accessed by the wrong people, could leave you vulnerable. We promise to do all we can to keep your data safe. Authorised personnel have the right to access personal data for professional use only, and where practical this data is anonymised.

We also realise that by requesting one-to-one consultancy that you are trusting our professionals with access to your site and granting them permission to create changes. We take our duty to you very seriously and remain accountable for the actions of our employees. The company will carry out disciplinary action where contracts/trust has been breached.

We will always do our best we can to protect your data from unauthorised access; our full-time security team are dedicated to protecting the sensitive data on our system. However, due to the nature of information transmission via the internet, total security cannot be guaranteed.

The Privacy and Data Protection Policies of any third parties that we collaborate with or promote on our site have been critically reviewed. We only associate with trusted businesses, however, when you access third party sites via hyperlinks, you do so at your own risk. We do not accept responsibility to security breaches as a result of interaction with a third party website.

8. Under 18s

We are committed to the online safety of juveniles and thereby request that all of our users be above the age of 18. We will not knowingly provide services to under 18s; where the date of birth has been falsified by the user, we are not accountable for this.

9. Contact us can be contacted at any time via our contact form. Our customer service employees will endeavour to respond to your query within 24 hours.