Terms & Conditions

By accessing or utilising any products or services on DevelopYourSiteNow.com, you hereby agree to the terms stipulated in these Terms & Conditions. You will be asked to confirm whether you have read the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy at check out, you will not be able to proceed with your order unless you select ‘agree’.

Please note that the service user may be referred to in several ways, these include but are not limited to you/the customer/the website owner.

Please note that with www.developyoursitenow.com will also be mentioned using different terms, these include but are not limited to the service provider/us/we/our.

1. Company URL

The URL DevelopYourSiteNow.com is owned by Rabian Enterprises FZ-LLC with a registered office address in the Compass Building, Al Shohada Road, AL Hamra Industrial Zone-FZ, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.

2. Commercial Products

This site offers web development training materials which include training courses, video series, audiobooks, ebooks and more.

In order to purchase the products and service listed on this site, the customer must first create a user account. This account will be linked with the user's chosen email address which must be verified before proceeding. This enables us to send proof of purchase and digital products to the buyer, and the verification process removes liability from with www.developyoursitenow.com if these emails are sent to the incorrect address and are therefore not accessible.

2.1 Our Expert Advice Service

Should the customer need additional support in the form of one-to-one tuition or troubleshooting website issues, there are a team of trained professionals who can help you. In order to access this service, the customer simply fills out the 'request a call form'. It is implied that upon requesting a call from one of our experts that the customer has read the information regarding the $52.37 hourly rate and agrees to pay this.

N.B the customer will receive an invoice to their email address as soon as a call has been requested and will be asked to create an account.

3. Payments

All payments will be transferred and processed electronically. with www.developyoursitenow.com uses a verified external payments provider in order to ensure that all transactions are processed securely. It is our responsibility to select a reputable provider for our website; however, liability for any missed or incorrect payments lies between the payer's payment service and the payments processing service provider. Once an order has been placed and paid in full, you will see DYSNRE, UAE as the billing descriptor on your credit card statement.

We are committed to maintaining up to date prices for our digital items on our website. Full price must be paid for the items unless it is clearly stated that there is an ongoing sale resulting in discounted products. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the items in the basket to ensure they are happy with the invoiced amount before choosing to proceed to payment. In cases where customers think that they have been treated unfairly, they have the right to contact us for an explanation, which we are obligated to provide.

4. Terms of Refunding

DevelopYourSiteNow.com does not advertise the sale of physical items, therefore all products should arrive almost immediately in the buyer’s email inbox but can take up to 48 hours. Should it take longer than this please contact us immediately. There are no possible damages that could be incurred during the dispatch and delivery process for our products.

DevelopYourSiteNow.com agrees to comply with law and jurisdictions of the countries law. The company is bound by its Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. with www.developyoursitenow.com agrees that any contractual disputes shall be governed in accordance with the countries law, courts will have exclusive jurisdiction to settle all legal matters (contractual and non-contractual disputes or claims).

If for some reason the customer is unable to view the content (for example they do not possess the correct hardware or software), or they bought a product they did not intend to buy, then a refund may be arranged. To arrange a refund, please contact us using our Contact Us page no later than 7 days. If a refund request is accepted this can take up to 7 business days to be credited back in your account.

Refunds are not permitted for the consultancy service under any circumstances, and fees must be paid for all hours used. However, the customer retains the right to cancel present or future calls at any time.

5. Commercial Products Delivery

Once payment has been processed, the customer should receive the product in their electronic inbox immediately. In rare cases, please allow 48 hours for the email to arrive as payments can sometimes be delayed or interrupted.

We advise customers to check their spam folder as sometimes the attachments can be flagged as malware by email providers (particularly YAHOO mail).

6. Liability & Copyright, Rights, Indemnification

Customers retain the right to use our eLearning products for personal education purposes only. Under no circumstances can our material be redistributed or republished without first seeking permission of with www.developyoursitenow.com and providing the required payment. Permission is not guaranteed to be granted, and each request is assessed individually. Under no circumstances may our IP, branding or infographics be redistributed in any way. Failure to comply will result in legal action as a result of a breach of our usage rights and copyright law. Business usage licences are available, and discounts for large orders may be agreed on a case by case basis.

DevelopYourSiteNow.com and our employees, directors and contractors are protected by this liability clause and as a result, are not legally responsible for financial losses ensued as a result of website downtime or missed deadlines. We ask you to acknowledge that by working with a web developing service via our consultancy page that it is fairly likely that the developer will encounter unforeseen obstacles, the resolution of which may add extra days or weeks to the product. Under no circumstances will our developers work for free. The company will not be liable for any losses of data during the process.

By using our products and services, you agree to abide by and not use our products and services to create unlawful content. with www.developyoursitenow.com is not responsible for any unlawful activity that occurs as a result of its web development products and services. You also agree to comply with data protection laws when collecting user information on your own website, with www.developyoursitenow.com does not accept any responsibility for failing to provide appropriate guidance on this. It is the responsibility of the website owner to ensure their service complies with laws and regulations.

DevelopYourSiteNow.com will not accept responsibility for any legal costs associated with claims against the customer that arise from third parties. The customer accepts responsibility for legally defending the company from said lawsuits even if the third party accuses with www.developyoursitenow.com of being at fault.

7. Customer Cancellation Policy

Due to the digital nature of the products and the immediate delivery, refunds are only permitted in exceptional cases. Please view the refunds policy (section 4) for more information.

8. Governing Law & Jurisdiction

with www.developyoursitenow.com agrees to comply with law and jurisdictions of the countries law. The company is bound by its Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. with www.developyoursitenow.com agrees that any contractual disputes shall be governed in accordance with the countries law, courts will have exclusive jurisdiction to settle all legal matters (contractual and non-contractual disputes or claims).

9. Contact Us

DevelopYourSiteNow.com can be contacted at any time via our contact form. Our customer service employees will endeavour to respond to your query within 24 hours.